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UAV Mentor is the culmination of over 30 years of entrepreneurial endeavors. UAV Mentor was created to change the way online education is delivered and received through our mentor staff's favorite passion, drones. After years of work we've sourced together the top experts on drone/uav operations, FAA administration and waiver processes, and online course creation to build an online school unlike any other.

Our team began this wonderful journey with the creation of our well loved Part 107 Prep Course. It brings us joy every time our students share the way this course has changed their lives, and prepared them to operate to the highest level in real world operations. We are currently undergoing our next endeavor which includes the creation of a suite of Post Part 107 training courses.

Part 107 Prep

UAV Mentor's flagship training course. Our training methods originate from the former global director of training and E Learning at Johnson & Johnson. Our training material was formed under the guidance of one of the world's leading experts in UAV technologies, Carlos Femmer.

We'd be honored to mentor you as we pursue our mission of Training The Next Generation Of Pilots®